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Unleash Marketing SuperPowers to boost your consumers‘ biological body and brain performance (endurance, power, creativity…)

Effectiveness – Comparison:

Common Marketing

Creates impact only on rational and emotional factors:

Creates impact only on rational and emotional factors (attitudes, perceived benefits, appeal, identification etc.).

  • attitudes
  • perceived benefits
  • appeal
  • identification, etc.

DEEP Marketing

Creates measurable additional impact on biophysiological parameters of the body:

Creates measurable additional impact on biophysiological parameters of the body (examples: endurance, muscle force, cognitive or creative capabilities and performance).

  • endurance
  • muscle force
  • cognitive or creative capabilities
  • performance

How does DEEPMarketing work?

DEEPMarketing makes use of specific semantic cues, which are able to significantly and measurably increase and improve the biophysiological performance of products in body and brain.

DEEPMarketing is activating specific neural systems in the brain plus activates body functions via the autonomous nervous system.

DEEPMarketing Lab Diagram
DEEPMarketing Lab Performance Illustration

How powerful is DEEPMarketing?

The impact is dependent on product and category but the effects are enourmous and measurable.


We performed a 30day home use test (monadic , n>100) with an independent institute on anti age cremes.


Purely semantic inputs delivered a five fold (!!!) increased anti wrinkle performance (top 1 values, i. e. very strong reduction of wrinkles, 7% versus 35% agreement, chemically identical formula).

Which DEEPMarketing applications work best?

DEEPMarketing makes most sense for products with biophysiological effects, such as...

Self Optimizing APPs

Food / Nutrition

Cosmetics / Beauty

Sports / Athletics


Medicine Technology / Gadgets

Furthermore, strong performance increases can be measured in luxury products.

Who can consult me on DEEPMarketing?

Contact DEEPMarketing Lab, a unit of AMP Digital Ventures.

We make use of 11 years of research in this field having examined about 2.000 scientific empirical studies on the subject.